Let's make something new! Help wanted

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Let's make something new! Help wanted

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Post by DAEprogrammer » Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:13 am

Hey guys!

It has been a while since I'm thinking about this idea.

I will start talking about the problem, if you are used to download contents via torrent you should know that most of the time torrents website get shout down.

Kikasstorrent was the best, since that one to be fair I'm not happy about other websites, plus it happens very often that even if you find what you are looking for, the file is pretty much dead and you can't download it.

Solution: I'm thinking about building a platform where people get rewarded to upload new contents and to keep the software up to allow other users to download files. Kind of like mining.

Users that upload new "torrents" if are rated 5 starts they will receive tokens.

For people that don't have nothing to upload they can start "mining" by just downloading contents from the platform and after it will be available for other users to download, that way they can earn tokens.

To download people need tokens, something like: 1 MB of data = 1 token. They have 2 ways to get tokens:

#1 To earn tokens as explained above.
#2 To exchange other alt coins for our project's token.

Of course it will be very cheap to buy tokens.

As well, it would be great to build a system where for audio and video files if users use more tokens can stream the video/audio without the actual need to download it. So it's gonna be pretty much like a netflix or apple music (pretty much for free, and of course with much more available contents).

I see many advantages:

#1 we can create a decentralized protocol, and ensure users anonymity
#2 no need of external websites to look for " torrents" because we will make a built-in "torrent search engine"
#3 by allowing others to download your contents you will actually earn tokens
#4 rip netflix

What do you think guys? is that a good idea? if so, there is anybody willing to help?
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