FinMiner 2.1.1

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FinMiner 2.1.1

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FinMiner Becomes Fastest On Linux

FinMiner, a program for mining cryptocurrency from, showed the highest performance running the Ethash algorithm on Linux among all competing programs. Its developers were able to find an original method for optimizing the calculation algorithm. Thanks to this increase in performance, FinMiner will bring its users more revenue. It can be downloaded from or from its own website

FinMiner is a software program for mining cryptocurrency on Nvidia graphics cards. The program’s key distinguishing features are its high operational stability and simple file configuration, suitable even for newcomers. Experienced miners have access to advanced settings.
The client supports the algorithms Ethash and CryptoNight (including its V7 version) and lets users mine 25 cryptocurrencies created on those algorithms: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Electroneum and more.

The new 26 June version of FinMiner contains many serious internal updates. It has been optimized for Windows. A version for Linux has also appeared, in which the developers optimized the Ethash algorithm, giving users a significant boost in performance.
"The higher the mining speed, the higher its profitability. That’s why we set out to create the fastest miner. And we succeeded. So far it’s the fastest for Ethash, but we’re speeding up the other algorithms," says Anton Trusov, the founder of Nanopool and head of the FinMiner project. "Moreover, we were able to cut down the time required to create the DAG file where the mining takes place. The file is created anew for every graphics card every time the equipment is activated. System malfunctions, overheating, power outages or epoch switches negatively affect miners’ revenue. But with FinMiner, users can not only earn more, but can also save several dollars a day."

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